The Mullum ‘Standing Stones’

Hi – My name is Narada. www.Sacred.Group is directed to this page I have set up on my site Its purpose is to to provide an easy to remember domain name for a central hub of information about the Mullumbimby Standing Stones site.

We would like to acknowledge that there are some Elders who believe that the site, and even information about it, should remain secret. It is widely believed to have been a gathering place visited by representatives from tribes all around the continent.

There has been a lot of community interest in the ‘Standing Stones’ site in early 2018, partly because of an article in the Echo newspaper saying that the whole area was included in a rezoning proposal that would make it ‘residential’ and open to development. This information now seems to have been inaccurate, and we are hoping that the rezoning will not conflict with protecting the site.

A community meeting was advertised in the Mullum Civic Hall on the 12th Dec 2017 to discuss the matter, but had to be cancelled due to a rude statement against the gathering being published on the Byron Council website. The councillor and the mayor who were responsible for this notice did not bother to contact the organisers (Steven Strong, friends, and Original Elders) to tell them that they were about to do this. The follow on was that a few weeks later another gathering was organised, this time by a local First Nation Elder Lois Cook, at Durrumbul Hall. This was attended by about 80 people. There was a great atmosphere and every person who spoke was applauded for the information they shared and their commitment to protecting this significant sacred site.


A Little Bit of History
In 1939 there were articles in papers around Australia about the bulldozing of a sacred Original People’s site in Mullumbimby, by the farmer who ‘owned the land’. The site was widely described as ‘Australia’s Stonehenge’. However, the site was all but forgotten about after its stones were bulldozed and world war 2 started.

The recent rediscovery of the site is due to the work of many people. In the 1930s local school teacher Fred Fordham recorded a lot of information about it and made maps and diagrams of the site. He corresponded with the head of the Australian Archaeological Society Fredric Slater who translated many of the inscriptions on the stones using a dictionary that was shared with him by a woman who had been taught by a local elder. He believed these inscriptions were written in the oldest language on Earth!

More Recently

These papers were lost until a few years ago, when they were rediscovered by Richard Patterson in an unmarked folder in the local historical society. The cause was then taken up by Steven Strong and his son Evan, who have done tremendous work educating the public about the ancient origins of the Original Australians.
Both Richard Patterson’s and the Strong’s websites contain a huge amount of information about the site, and I invite you to check them out using these links.

Richard Patterson’s 

Steven Strong’s


This is an artists impression of the original stone arrangement, based on Fordham’s 1930s diagrams.

The information below is being pulled in from the Australia’s Stonehenge Facebook Group.  If you are interested to keep up with developments please join the group.

The Forgotten Origin FB Group is also worth joining, and you can see the Forgotten Origin  ByronNow page here

The videos below are from various Youtube channels.

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1 week ago

Jo Collins

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When we get 1,000 members, I'm throwing a party. ... See MoreSee Less

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Better still, 1111 Members. 😊😊😊

Where's the party ??

Hi , wondering how this group operates ? Meetings, visits to the site ?

Might hire out Durrumbul hall. It's a place local to the site. It would be let's meet, dance and talk ancient stones sort of vibe.

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2 days ago

Glen Stevenson

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1 week ago

Narada Vantari

EASY TO REMEMBER LINK - I just created an easy to remember domain name for sharing links and videos and FB posts about the Mullum Standing Stones sacred site.
I have directed this domain name to a page on my website ByronNow. Since this FB Group is now public I was also able to import it into the website to share it there and invite others to join.

Please check it out and use www.Sacred.Group when you are telling people where to find out more about 'Australia's Stonehenge'.
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EASY TO REMEMBER LINK - I just created an easy to remember domain name for sharing links and videos and FB posts about the Mullum Standing Stones sacred site. 
I have directed this domain name to a page on my website ByronNow.  Since this FB Group is now public I was also able to import it into the website to share it there and invite others to join.  

Please check it out and use www.Sacred.Group when you are telling people where to find out more about Australias Stonehenge.

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Shae Nicole O'sullivan Roser

1 week ago

Paul Appleby

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This is now an open group. Share the link my friends. 🙂

Australia's Stonehenge
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Awesome <3

Hi @ [1140753571:Bruce R. Fenton], you will love this group. 😄

Thank you for connecting 💟

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2 weeks ago

Richard Andrew Patterson

Should this group remain a closed group, where anyone can find the group and see who's in it but only members can see posts. Or should it be changed to an open group, so anyone can see the group, its members and their posts? What do you think?
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Because I live halfway around the world, but I care that the rich history of Australia and what it means to all mankind is preserved. For me, Australia is the greatest treasure that was protected until 200 years ago...the land, history and original cultures need all the advocates they can to help in this preservation.

Can always block problem people. I think more people need access to this information.

Not that I contribute much in this group, although I do read the posts and find the subject interesting, I won't post in open groups or join them if I can help it. Family and friends can see your posts as can everyone else. Much prefer the privacy of groups where everyone shares the same interest.

The old hacker moto 'information wants to be free' comes to mind 🙂

Would it attract more people and interest if it was an open group?

I think we need to think of the bigger picture. This site is important and most people are not aware of it. Making it a public group would raise awareness about it. It shouldn't be a secret because of its significance.

Anyone interested in preserving and reconstruting this site is in service to humanity. This, by it's very nature, is an open process.

Do you want the world to know or do you prefer it kept quiet ?

Looks like the Open Group numbers have it. Open it shall be. 🙂

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2 weeks ago

Richard Andrew Patterson

'Australia's Stonehenge' is the common name for a mound and stone arrangement complex near Mullumbimby in far north New South Wales.

The main mound complex was re-discovered in 2012. Many believe it to be more than 10,000-years-old & the most significant archaeological site in history. It is part of a series of mounds and stone sites in the region.

"The mound is one of the oldest; I should say the oldest, forms of temples in the world and dates back to the Paleolithic age with the advent of first man ... their history and their philosophy.” ... the basis of all knowledge, all science, all history and all forms of writing." - Frederic Slater, 1939, President of the Australian Archaeological and Education Research Society.
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2 weeks ago

Mel Williams

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Do you think that this 10,000+ year old sacred site, is something everyone you know should know about? Then add your friends to this group. ... See MoreSee Less

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I agree 😀


Done 🙂 ... thank you for prompt ♥️

If you talking about 'Australias Stonehenge' this site is more than 10,000 years old. Most of those stones werd found to old as the early paleolithic age and they were gathered from all over Auatralia.

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2 weeks ago

Tom Rothsey

When Stonehenge (UK) was first reopened so the British Druid Order could observe the summer solstice, I was invited by them to attend. I took my pendulum with me, and identified two streams of energy crossing at the site - one positive (masculine), and the other negative (feminine). Bear in mind the terms positive and negative are not value judgements, merely indications of affinity to electrical charge in the way that the entire fabric of physical manifestation is hung upon the interplay of +/- informed by the magic that is spirit (so a trinity, not a duality). All sacred sites I have dowsed conform to the same pattern, so I have concluded that sacred sites are 'earth chakras'. Just as Kundalini has a male and female stream that meet at the body chakras, so too do the streams of energy that circle the globe. For an idea of a Kundalini representation, look to the symbol of the medical profession - the Caduceus. This pattern is repeated in our DNA, in the form of the torus, and in the procession of all stellar bodies through time in an expanding universe. To say this site is of utmost importance to not only the Traditional Custodians of this land, but to the entire planet is in fact an understatement. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

IS Donna

i’ve been tuned into avalon for the last 2 days whilst at home on the leyline connected to stonehenge alas working with the fae.. X ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Richard Andrew Patterson

A dissertation on the European Invasion's effect upon the Original People & the 'Australia’s Stonehenge' mound and stone site. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks Richard.

Thank you also...have downloaded it and will read later when I have more time.

Sad read......but it needs to be told...thank you.....

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