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Rainbow Power Company

Social and Business Ethics
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We at the Rainbow Power Company are employed in an industry with a primary objective of turning the tide away from environmental destruction and towards environmental harmony. We frequently hear businesses claim that they hold environmental concerns above all else, but often this attitude is taken in order to increase sales and may only be a public relations façade.

Our aims and objectives include the following:

To manufacture, wholesale, retail and demonstrate by example devices powered by Renewable Energy sources.
To trade in only high quality, user friendly, efficient, cost effective products, supported by reliable up-to-date advice and after sales service.
To educate the general public in aspects of using energy from renewable sources, and living and developing in a sustainable way.
To aid developing countries of the world in improving their living standards by educating and trading with them in renewable energy products.

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The Project
Sick of getting screwed on electricity prices? Here’s why it’s happening, who’s to blame and what you can do.

Written by Waleed Aly & Tom Whitty (@twhittyer)
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1 week ago

The Project

50 degrees?
It's possible to go #zeroemission now. Drive #electric #EV instead. #climate #climatechange
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4 weeks ago

50 degrees?

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I really wonder how it will work here. We have such long distances and no real way of charging an engine quickly. Maybe in England it will work but not sure about here until they iron out the bugs of only getting short distances on electic

Message to RPC from Peter Garrett
We got a message from Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil celebrating 30 years. He was here in 1992 to open our famous Nimbin factory.
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4 weeks ago

Message to RPC from Peter Garrett

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I still dust the commemorative lump of wood that marks the opening by Peter Garrett 30 years ago

It's okay bro. I was able to stand in for you at the party. You missed an awesome gig!

He should donate his parliamentary (tax payer funded) pension to the company, after all he is making squillions touring and living in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.


Please go and do what you're best at, sing!! 😁

Stick to singin stuff bruh

My hero

Stephen Sellin

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Happy birthday to us! 30 years old and still going strong... ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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An exceptional effort by all, developing and steering a company which possess such an ethical business model to success, now and definately into the future. Happy 30th birthday RPC and a huge congratulations to all those you have and still do work tirelessly to reach this milestone.

.. Hipp, Hipp, Hippy Birthday.. I enjoyed my time Living at the back of the Rainbow Power Company It is so good to hear the company is still going strong..

Happy birthday gang! Huge achievement, you should all be very proud!

Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day and here's to the next 30

Congratulations to everyone at Rainbow power, what an awesome achievement!

Happy Birthday to everyone at the Rainbow Power Company 🎂

Congrats not many business reach such a mile stone. Well done

Yay! Happy birthday!! Amazing work

I hope there was cake🎂🎂🎂

Happy Birthday to you all

congrats RPC

🌷 happy birthday

Congratulations to all involved. Sandra Lamb

Thankyou for your fantastic support and idea's

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