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Nimbin Good Times is a free monthly newspaper for the vibrant Nimbin community and the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia. With over 100 contributors, the content highlights the issues and interests of a creative, alternative culture.

The founding editor was Bob Hopkins, a prolific writer with a belief that an informed community meant a stronger community, that an open public discussion of issues meant a more thinking and considered group of people that will inevitably cause the community to get beyond the cliches and slogans that permeate and dominate the ‘alternative’ way.


Bob Hopkins was succeeded in 1999 by Peter Atkinson, and in 2004 by Bob Dooley, assisted by Sue Stock, drawing together a collection of regular contributors and layout, proofing, support and distribution people. Under this team, the paper has grown from 8 pages with 1400 copies, to a 36-page, 16,000 copy full-colour monster, with distribution throughout the Rainbow Region, from Tweed to Woodenbong, including Lismore, Byron, Kyogle, Casino and Murwillumbah.

The paper grows and evolves. The involvement of new people brings fresh approaches, interesting ideas and new ways of doing things, and the topic of future directions is always open for discussion. As long as we keep the Good Times rolling…

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RIP Garry the plumberThe Polite Force has lost a legend.

R.I.P Garry Priddle

You WILL be missed and often remembered.

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5 days ago

RIP Garry the plumber

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Love you guy's💚💚✌✌

FORE!!!! Vale Gary. Will miss you. Your whistle great humour and presence. )(

Top bloke. Rest easy Gary

Sorry for your loss rip

RIp mate

RIP Garry

So sad to hear this news

Your humour was infectious - as was your politics. You WILL be missed. Xx



Saturday 102.3 will be different plus blues show ,Mardi Grass comedy town icon R.I.P


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7 days ago

Hey it was a great march and celebrations continuing at Peace Park area. Even horses for kids to ride. Come on down.Celebrating Nimbin NAIDOC right now in Peace Park - smoking ceremony, awesome live music, fabulous food, bouncy pirate castle, blue skies & sunshine - sharing the culture, yeah, yeah, yeah! Get down there 🙂 <3 NAIDOC raffle announced 12.45, followed by Indigenoise at 1pm approx ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

Hey it was a great march and celebrations continuing at Peace Park area. Even horses for kids to ride. Come on down.

July Nimbin GoodTimes is now available online at ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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1 week ago

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We have rights to stop stuff that is affecting peoples health new born kids not to mentchen wildlife ...interesting does this meen we can just take over land and put up houses and powerful cem plants to interfere with transmitting and wow the list could go of the rector scale boom I could have just said WTF

Developers just need to lodge papers via our corrupt legal system . For every fight won , 50 more are on the horizon . This world is built on development , we have been told development is growth and discipline is punishment .. perhaps we have been corrupted by our language . I wonder does an apple tree develop into an apple tree or does it grow .. growth to me is an organic process .. development is forced upon us .

Appalling lack of environmental responsibility. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Killed any platypus I’d say .. this is truly vandalism .

Call the EPA..this is disgusting

I’ve notified Lismore Council staff

Yes , council will come down like a hammer on its self .

Bypass Council who will tell lies and report to EPA or whatever they’re called this week

That's an appalling conduct I love the wildlife that lives in that creek.

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