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Ngara Institute – the Activists Think Tank

The Ngara Institute is a not-for- profit activist think tank which puts people, communities and the planet before increasingly predatory capitalism. We offer an intellectual and engaging space to critically reflect on how we can achieve a more just, peaceful and sustainable world based on the common good rather than private interest.

Politics in the Pub

Ngara Institute organised in 2016 a monthly ‘Politics in the Pub’ gathering in the Courthouse Pub Mullumbimby.  Each month a new guest speaker is invited. Around 180 people attend and it has become one of the Byron Shires most active regular political events. Visit the Ngara website for the upcoming program.

The Purpose of the institute is to:

  • provide a counter narrative to the views and opinions of Australian neoliberal think tanks;
  • foster critical thinking about local, national, and international issues such as peace, globalisation, diminishing democracy, climate change, financial greed and growing inequality;
  • work alongside other peace and justice organisations for a more equitable, non-violent and compassionate future based on social justice and human rights and pursuit of the common good;
  • assert and support values and practices that enhance the life of all species and ecosystems;
  • learn and apply indigenous world views to all areas of life;
  • articulate and encourage post-carbon- growth scenarios;
  • revitalise local-democratic civic cultures, neighbourliness and cooperative systems of production;
  • inspire and promote viable and workable solutions to the complex challenges we all face.

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2 days ago

Helen Barratt

#AUSPOL: The Bonking Ban by #NgaraInstitute's Advisor Professor Stuart Rees.

#Bonkingban #BarnabyJoyce #Turnbull #justice #poetry

Up to the mike stepped Turnbull the man
Armed to the teeth with his bonking ban
‘We need a puritan in this place
I’m lost for words, I’ve got to save face.

My government’s sunk, we’re all at sea
Because of the jousting Barnaby.
My liberal colleagues feel like wrecks
So starting today I will ban sex.

Say ‘no’ to a glance, forbid the touch
On your staff member, that is too much
It leads to feeling what is not meant
A serious error of ‘judgement’

We all need a way to stop this rot,
Dutton knows how he was once a cop.’
‘PM I can…implement this ban
We should copy what they do in Iran

Start religious police in ‘Home Affairs’
Arrest importuners, any who dares
To dress improper, be seen about town
To pull up a skirt, take their trousers down.

It might offend punters but will please you
We’ll send all offenders to Nauru.
Love is not on but punishment can
Restore the image of Turnbull the man.’

‘Thank you dear Peter, I could have wept
To hear me described as only inept.
I’ve a new job for you, you can be
Minister for Sensuality

This is serious staff, it’s not a laugh
We’ll publicize in The Telegraph
A policy goal, a trinity
Not mateship or love but morality!’
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3 days ago

Helen Barratt

#AUSPOL: War hero or war criminal? By Dr Michael Blockey,
Scotts Head.

#NgaraInstitute #peace #justice #JimMolan #DU #birthdefects #cancer

'Our newest senator Jim Molan has been in the news lately. Why? One reason is his involvement in the Battle Of Fallujah. Some say he is a war hero. Others believe he is a war criminal. I'll give you the facts and you decide which Molan is.

In late 2004 he led a 13,500-strong Coalition force against insurgents holed up in the city of Fallujah in Iraq. Before the offensive began, he ordered the 300,000 civilians to leave. 60,000 did not. The Geneva Convention states that civilians should be protected in armed conflict. Despite the presence of 60,000 civilians in the city, he ordered that shelling begin. Some 4000 civilians died and Fallujah was razed to the ground.

There is always an aftermath to a battle. Sometimes it is horrific wounds, sometimes it is PTSD. In the case of the battle of Fallujah, it was the effects of depleted uranium (DU). DU is a waste product of the nuclear power industry. The military coats shells and rockets with DU. This makes them heavier, so heavy that the shells and rockets can easily penetrate thick walls like those in Fallujah. The problem with DU is that when the shell explodes it releases very fine particles of DU into the air. The particles settle everywhere. Humans inhale the particles, it affects their genetic make-up and they suffer congenital abnormalities and cancer.

DU-coated weapons were first used in the Gulf War of 1991. Within one or two years, the incidence of grotesque birth defects spiraled—such as babies with two heads. Or missing eyes, hands and legs. Or stomachs and brains inside out. And the cancer rate rose from 40 per 100,000 people prior to the First Gulf War to 800 per 100,000 in 1995.

Molan knew all this. Yet he unleashed 6,500 DU-coated shells and rockets on Fallujah.

And the result? Doctors visiting Fallujah after 2004 saw a rate of congenital malformations that surpassed what was seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after nuclear bombs were dropped on those cities.

And malformations and cancers will continue to be frighteningly high in Fallujah because the DU remains radioactive for more than a billion years! Molan would have known this too!

Is he a war hero or a war criminal?'
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They’re all war criminals because all war is a crime against humanity and the environment ... the ONLY side of any war that is ever innocent, is the defending side of an invasion, and the only caveat to this is if we could ever get a military coup in western nations to arrest or kill the bigoted fascist imperialist ruling class

Must see.

The government is trying to silence its critics – we need to fight back.
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3 days ago

Gareth Smith

A Gift for Lorde. Produced on Stolen Land on Turtle Island. Words and harmonies by Rachel Thevenard (@catsagainsttar). J.O.'s vocals and video edit. Thanks t... ... See MoreSee Less

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