Kumari Ellis

Kumari is a Mullumbimby based author. Her novel about her mystical experiences in India is an absorbing and enlightening tale. Join her on a great adventure into one of the world’s most exotic and intricate spiritual cultures.

“I have always loved to write and it was six years ago that I first sat down to write this story of my time in India. Initially I had two days every week when I was released for a few hours of mothering duty, and in that time I would brew chai, and sit down to write. It was surprisingly easy for me to slip back to the days of India and I found great solace in doing so. It has been a lengthy process and I believe with this first manuscript I have learnt so much about the writing process. Indeed about myself as it took me beyond the edge of comfort at times with revealing more about myself than I ever set out to share. It is a story that wants to be shared and I found that the more I could get out of my own way and simply be present, to show up to the empty page, the more it revealed.”

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As long as name and form is there there is a dream.

And before the dream, there was no name and no form,
means sleep state.

Wake up!

If you wake up from this dream, you will not sleep at all.
And not dream at all.

How to wake up? Question, "Who am I?"

You will wake up to That.
You will wake up to Awakening!
You will wake up to Awareness.

And you will never fall asleep again, any time again.

Samsara will end.
Karma will cease to function.

This is called waking, this is called waking state.

- Om Sadguru Dev -
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1 month ago

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youtu.be/Y2zPV42dnJU this is really special....if you can take time out in the day and watch, do so...... so important to slow down and take time out of the incessant business many of us feel. Hari Om901230, a Sunday, the part before the Q&A. The video is archive video from 1945-1949. If Robert was 18 when he arrived at Ramanashram, he should have been th... ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Wonderful ... thank you

Over this last week death laid a place at my table and sat down to join me. Like a friend or relation living overseas and seldom seen, even though their existence is not doubted their presence is little felt in day to day living. On the 15th march it was 8 years since my father died. I was surprised and awed to find easy tears, aches in my body, thoughts of him and the deep sadness of loss. My relationship with my father had many complexities and so too is the grief. It was the day the rains finally came. During the previous night the long anticipated release of pent up greys, black dense clouds looming over the horizon, the air thick and panting. Flood rains and the school evacuated. I drove around the shire visiting clients with wild winds and rain throwing itself at the windscreen. That evening as I sat for agnihotra the flame would not take hold. The dampness seeped inside everything. I gave up as the patties glowed red for only moments, recited mantras and offered ghee and rice to a smouldering billowing smoke. A thick grey smoke that curled and danced around me. I offered it all to the ancestry of my father, remembered again so clearly the phone calls sharing his sudden demise. Not so sudden I would learn after I flew to the UK a few days later. His stoic denial of the extent of the disease left a legacy in itself.
I sat until only a pile of ash remained. No sunset colours that night. The sky awash with grey,falling rain and not even the hill line of the western horizon visible.
Agni Hotra has many benefits for healing, purification and harmonizing the environment on an emotional physical and etheric plane. An ancient vedic practise performed in Indian villages still. The simple act of making a small fire, laying cow dung in a brass vessel, spreading ghee, lighting the flame. Watching it slowly take hold, build up, singing mantras softly as kids jump on a trampoline and neighbourhood dinners mingle with the fragrance of ghee and cow dung. A fragrance that invokes visceral memories of India and the longing can be held to the side, as mantras slip from my tongue. the dying down, the reduction of it all to ash.
The following day the rains lifted and cloud forms created artworks in the heavens. Mists hung in the valleys. Swollen muddy rivers rushed on their way, fields lay awash. A client had particularly difficult wounds. As I attended her needs her old dog, companion of 16 years was brought in on a lead - definitely no purebred, with patchy brown fur and a growing tumour visible on her side. I witnessed the goodbye. The dog gently wagging its tail as she trustingly ambled out, on her way to the vet to be put down. Tears streamed down her face, my own too, and when I finally finished my job packed up my things and said goodbye she was sitting outside on the porch and her sobs were loud and heartbreaking.
Over the weekend I read ‘when breath becomes air.’ A poignant, beautiful memoir of a neurosurgeon’s demise with aggressive cancer. It touched on my own memories, although of course our journey with this shared diagnosis have ended very differently. It is almost 4 years now since I was diagnosed. A couple of weeks ago I did see the surgeon. The fact that my surgeon was a woman I feel always grateful. If anyone was to be the last person to touch and hold my left breast I cannot be displeased that it was her.
Another reminder to live life with gratitude, to take each day not for granted but the extraordinary opportunities presented to see beyond the hallucination of separation. To be vigilant, mindful, to slow down and rest in the pause whenever that vigilance allows; a compassionate witness to the endless this and that’s, yes and no’s, contraction and expansions of the heart. Take time to sit each day, to remember and nurture that which sustains it all. Remain in gratitude for it all.
Hari Om Tat Sat.
Vulnerable. ….St Catherine of Siena
Vulnerable we are, like an infant.
We need each other’s care
Or we will

Everything I see, hear, touch, feel, taste,
Speak, think,
Is completing a perfect circle
God has drawn.

Meister Eckhart
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5 months ago

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You have heart of empathy, compassion and love that was seen through this elegant writing

TQ <3 ... wow... touching - moving - beautifully written. Blessings. xoxo

So beautifully Expressed Dear Friend. I wrap my arms around you even if it is from afar. One heart...

Thank you darling for sharing 💚 Beautifully written

Thank- you for sharing this❣


Beautiful yes thank you <3

How beautifully you communicate. ❤️



The rain falling over the ocean of water, will it continue to desire that notion to be a drop of rain even when melting. This reality of falling doesnt even occur for the water as the air is already humide. It is then a notion for the rain, a momentum in time and space of the mind. Not even 'falling into', we are Beingness eternal and full consciousness-joy. I can retain past meetings, who I was then is that I Am now, no more no less. Body is just a image.

Excellent Kumariji If you had a blog this would sit regally in it xx

Ah..thank you Kumari beautifully touching

Beautiful! Heartfelt thanks for sharing this.🌸💚🌸

Hari om <3 <3 <3 namaste dear Kumari <3 <3 <3

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A film by: Neal Howland - Facebook.com/Neal.Howland.3 Editing, Grading & Sound Design: Neal Howland Music: Speak, We're Listening - Ryan Taubert (MusicBed.com) Words:… ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago

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I LOVED this, thank you Kumariji!

a beautiful film of Ramana Maharshi..the sage of Arunachala.......and his teachings of self inquiry"Seek for the source of the doubter and you will find that he is really non-existent." "Doubter ceasing, Doubts will Cease." ~Peace&Love~Subscribe~Share a sm... ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago

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this is the latest review of Tracing the Moon on Amazon... by Gina Bloom A modern woman's odyssey.

Kumari Ellis is a wonderful writer, insightful, clear and poetic. Her memoir is a well-constructed and engaging read. The nearest comparison is Eat Pray Love, but Tracing the Moon takes the art of memoir to a completely different level.

Where Tracing the Moon has a similar exotic appeal, and range to Eat Pray Love, and certainly at least as much psychological depth, it is probably better-written in its descriptive richness. As a travelogue alone it is a brilliant and informative window into the experience of a Western seeker at a time when many Westerners started experiencing India's attractions. Kumar's clarity of expression is Hemingway-like in its spareness. Her descriptive capacities, whether turned to the subject of the English countryside in Spring or the grandeur of light changing over the high Himalayas recall Lawrence Durrell at his very best.

However Tracing the Moon is much more than either memoir or travelogue. Kumari's depth of experience, and the wisdom she has acquired along the way is the work of a true spiritual teacher. Often I experienced a quality of satsang reading Tracing the Moon. The writing communicates a felt-sense of the transmission and transcendence of spiritual experience, sacredness , peace and profundity.

And for all this richness and depth, Tracing the Moon is also the story of a survivor, and presents a candid, though exquisitely and sensitively unfolded, story of the impacts of insidious childhood trauma that will be familiar to many of Kumari's readers.

And on top of this there are wonderful portraits of both Kumari's spiritual and psychological progression and of the many friends and mentors that accompanied her on this modern hero's journey.

Tracing the Moon would make an engaging (and probably highly successful) movie!

I lent my copy to a friend, who lent it to a friend and its still doing the rounds of my friendship circles. No-one is able to put it down!
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7 months ago

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wow, couldn't have said it better... I had a profoundly expansive experience reading Tracing the Moon, and going to read it again soon. <3

Congratulations on this fantastic and highly deserved review xxx

Was/ is a wonderful journey that i am so happy i participated in by reading. Kumari weaves a wonderful web and hoping that a sequel in in the making. It would make a great movie xox

Thanks for sharing, I will read the book.

I loved this book

I read it twice

Your Most Wonderful Book! 💚💚💜💚💚

Well done Kumari ! Maha blessings. Xxx

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Christmas morn is almost upon us. Tonight is Hanuka. The symbology is the same: rebirth, the shedding of the old and all that does not serve, to make way for and welcome in the new. The lighting of the candle, the light that shines in the darkness to guide us home. To reveal the miracles that life surely is when aligned with our divinity. I was filled with memories of a visit, a couple of years ago, to Jerusalem. Babies born in lowly mangers I do not know, but the presence of Jesus there in that ancient city left tears weeping down my cheek. I rested my head against the slab where his body is said to have lain; leant against ancient walls that still whisper of the time when he walked those cobbled streets. It was Penticost and the room of the last supper was where his disciples gathered for the first time since he rose again. The room felt filled with presence and as I stood before the olive branch I was so deeply moved by the tangible essence of love. So this is Christmas ~poignant with memories. Christmas was such a major focus in my childhood, full of excitement, preparations, presents and the fire burning all day. Christmas lights and mince pies, carols by candle light, and a feeling of magic in the cold night air.
And we have to find peace with it all. As we feast at god’s table so lavishly prepared may we see the light within and follow it back to our heart. Hari Om Tat Sat. May peace prevail on earth.
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8 months ago

Thank you Liz Young for this recent review.....5.0 out of 5 stars A great example of a courageous
By Elizabeth Young on December 7, 2016
Format: Paperback
Written with a pure and open heart, with honesty, with eloquence. Tracing the Moon transported me to India and touched my soul deeply. Kumari is inspiring beyond words. A great example of a courageous, fearless, inquisitive, kind and beautiful souled woman who totally embraced a culture vastly different from the known in her spiritual search. I love this book and feel deep gratitude to Kumari sharing such an intimate journey.
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8 months ago

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Everyone that reads your book feels the same. You have a GREAT talent of putting into words the beauty of your heart.

Reading it now. Its a revealing and kaleidoscopic journey. Love it.

Creativity channeled through you so inspiringly! Love you ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️

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Tracing the Moon has been given an award recently during the major Chicago book fair. i am honored to now have a gold sticker on the cover as Tracing the Moon won the spirituality category of the Next Generation Indie Publishing awards. the silver sticker is from Readers Favorites, who gave Tracing The Moon a five start review. #tracingthemoon #NextGenerationIndiePublishing #Readersfavorites ... See MoreSee Less

9 months ago

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Congratulations Kumari, a gold/silver sticker on the cover of your book is recognition of you and your beautiful story. With so many books out there, those stickers bring peoples attention to the book and encourage them to check it out...and then they hopefully buy it.....and that's fantastic !! Wishing you every success with the book.

darling Kumari <3 well-deserved you gorgeous woman .. i so enjoyed this book! much LOVE always xx

Congratulations love..I give it 10 out of 10 stars myself. Its about time for my third read of this wonderful book. Thank you.

Congratulations!!!! Well deserved ✨👏✨👏✨ GeGertrudis NorthFlowerf you have time, read this before you travel ✨💕✨

So Great and well recognised xxx

Awesome Achievement, Congrats!

Still my favourite book ever... congratulations ❤️💞❤️


Wow how wonderful!

Congratulations Kumari. Your book deserves it! xx

Brilliant Kumari! Congratulations 🌹👑🌹

Wonderful dear Kumari !!! You deserve it !!!

Go kumari!!!

Congrats great read

Congrats!! Proud of you!!!

So proud of you Kumari! X

Bellisima and blessings to you today Kumari, happy for you what an honour you should be proud of yourself. xxxxxxxx

<3 congratulations!! It is such an AMAZING book!!! I gave it a 10 star 😉

What a fabulous and well deserved honoring and recognition dear Kumari. May you be basking in the acknowledgement of your hard work, courage and brilliant talent. Go you!! So happy for you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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