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Save Mullum Hospital Site for the Community –

Breaking News … Literally ! It has been confirmed that the Department of Health and Property NSW are planning to

Public Meeting as below. ….

The Mullumbimby and surrounding community has loved and fought for this site for over 117 years – since the 1800’s. Around 1900 the site was gazetted for use as a hospital site. It took the community almost 70 years of support and fighting to have the hospital build in the lat 1960’s. And there were more fights with the hospital being closed at one point and community activism and outrage led to it being reopened.

Now it is our turn, Are we to let that site go out of the hands of the community?

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Latest News on Progress with the Planning of the use of the hospital hill site.


In order to undertake a transparent process of establishing a Mullumbimby Hospital Project Reference Group (MHPRG) that will gain the best outcome for the future use of the hospital hill site, the formation of a temporary Project Guidance Group (PGG) who will work together to develop the framework and aims of the MHPRG was agreed.

Members of the PGG are: Cr Simon Richardson, Cr Basil Cameron, Cr Jeanette Martin, Mike New, Dr Michael Pelmore, Deborah Butler and Sarah Ford.

The MHPRG will undertake a 12 month planning process to gain the best outcome from the future use of the Hospital Hill site for BSC, the Brunswick Valley community and its other stakeholders. The MHPRG will be made up of councilors, community groups and individual community members. The MHPRG membership will be confirmed in the September 21st Council meeting.

Expressions of Interest are currently being sought from community groups who have an interest in a member of the MHPRG.

If you are interested in joining the MHPRG please comment below or message this page or contact one of the PGG members. Put your name and what interest you have in the site e.g. aged care, dogs home etc... , what group you represent.

In the next month expressions of interest will be sought from individual community members (people who are not representing any particular group or interest area) to become members of the MHPRG as well.
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9 months ago

Resolution moved at the BSC council meeting on Thursday 22nd June. Yay - we are moving forwards!!

Report No. 13.2 Mullumbimby Hospital Site Acquisition
File No: I2017/764
17-269 Resolved:
1. That the report be noted.

2. That Council engage independent consultants to peer review the hazmat reports prepared for NSW Health for the former Mullumbimby Hospital site.

3. That a budget of $50K be approved by the Council to fund the independent peer review and that any remaining funds be used for the forward planning process.

4. That a Project Reference Group (PRG) be established with a sunset period of 12 months comprising up to 15 representatives from critical Mullumbimby stakeholder groups that includes at least two with commercial experience and skills. The PRG to propose and consider potential uses
for the former Mullumbimby Hospital site.

The PRG constitution to reference the following policy
and objectives:
A) Gain the best outcome from the future use of the Hospital Hill site for BSC, the Brunswick
Valley community and its other stakeholders. The best outcome is defined by a participatory
planning process.
B) Execute a world’s best practice participatory planning process for the future use of the Hospital
Hill Site that gives the community and all stakeholders a genuine and meaningful voice in shaping
the use of the site and that aligns with the “The community Charter – Planning for the people – a
community charter for good planning in NSW”.

5. That the General Manager and staff work with the PRG to develop a proposed community engagement strategy.

6. That the expressions of interest for membership to the PRG be published at the next available opportunity with the submissions provided at the next Ordinary Meeting for determination.

The motion was put to the vote and declared carried.
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10 months ago

May 14, 2014 ... Victory at Bentley as Metgasco's Bentley gas drilling suspended, referred to ICAC by the government
May 10, 2017 ... Victory at Mullumbimby as the Government agrees to sell the hospital site for $1 to local council.

Both under a Taurus/Scorpio full moon ....
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11 months ago


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Haha yes. Gotta love a big feisty and passionate moon for inspiring this much community love and awesomeness!

When would the stars be favourable to launch a five star style party in Australia I wonder?

Powerful! Skye Cilia

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11 months ago


The New South Wales Government has offered the Mullumbimby Hospital site to the Byron Council for the total sum of a dollar.

The offer was made after a successful campaign by the Council, local politicians, and the community.

Byron Mayor, Simon Richardson has thanked Nationals MLC, Ben Franklin for convincing the Health Minister to stop the demolition of the hospital and agreeing to offer the site for sale.

"It doesn't really matter the colour of your flag it's whether it's blowing forward on behalf of your community," said Mayor Richardson.

"So we had the Greens, we had the Nationals and the ALP, and we had community groups, individuals, the council all fighting for the same cause and the result of that is a fantastic success,".
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11 months ago


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HOLD THIS DATE - A great line up is coming together for a fun evening for the Hospital Site - Friday May 19, 7pm, $10 on the door ... See MoreSee Less

12 months ago

HOLD THIS DATE - A great line up is coming together for a fun evening for the Hospital Site - Friday May 19, 7pm, $10 on the door
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