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Carrying on the activism from the huge community project of resisting the government backed mining insanity at Bentley NSW in 2015. This page includes posts from 2 FB pages: CSG Free Byron Bay & CSG Free Northern Rivers. – – – The aim of the Gasfield Free Northern Rivers movement is to protect the biodiversity, water resources, agricultural lands and sustainable industries of the Northern Rivers, and the livelihoods and wellbeing of the people who live here, from the impacts of coal seam gas (CSG) and other forms of unconventional gas mining. Our objective is to have the Northern Rivers region declared a CSG and unconventional gas free zone, and for all current licenses and leases that allow such activities to be revoked.

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4 hours ago

Gasfield Free Northern Rivers

The depths of the unconventional gas industry know no bounds. Just ask Simone...

Sacrifice Zone
Whistleblower Simone Marsh has seen the dark side of the CSG industry in Queensland...
Support the Sacrifice Zone movie at or
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Sacrifice Zone

2 weeks ago

Gasfield Free Byron Shire

Sacrifice Zone
Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith knows a thing or two about CSG!
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Sacrifice Zone

2 weeks ago

Gasfield Free Byron Shire


The Chair of the Regional Development Australia Kimberley wants to start discussions about a pipeline from the Valhalla 2 gas reserve in the Canning Basin to Broome.

Former Shire President Graeme Campbell says the real pipeline would replace the 'virtual pipeline' of gas trucked from Karratha.

The Conservation Council is concerned about the idea claiming fracking operations could harm the environmental ecosystem in the Kimberley.

Mr Campbell says there will be higher demand for power in the future, with Sheffield Resources and other operations needing certainty.

He says preliminary work will go on, despite the statewide moratorium on fracking.

"You've got to recognise the fact of course that the state government currently has an inquiry into fracking, that could be an inhibiting factor but with any big project it's going take a while."
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2 weeks ago

Gasfield Free Northern Rivers

What do you think..? Comment away by clicking on The Project's post below and share your views.With the idea of withholding GST revenue being floated, where do you stand on fracking? ... See MoreSee Less

What do you think..? Comment away by clicking on The Projects post below and share your views.

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take ya fracking n csg n stick where mum hasnt kissed ya water is life,leave the water table alone dickheads


it means we have a government payed and run bye the corporations , they should be removed from office and tried for treason to the people of Australia. the people are the power and the governments answer to the people not corporations, we have no government we have greedy tyrants , who will sell out our country because they do not come from this country, we need politicians that are born and bread here , not 1st generation immigrants who have no loyalty to Australia , but only answer to the the money pigs '.

Totally idiotic, an ideologically driven idea. We don't have a shortage of gas. We are world's biggest exporters of gas. We get minimal royalties compared with other countries and our overseas customers pay less than half the price that we do. Some companies are thinking of buying our gas in Japan and bringing it back here. Apparently it will still be cheaper than buying it here. The idea of fracking the whole country is total crap, a scam by Turnbull and his mates. What is needed is a bit of government intervention to reserve Australian gas for Australia and at the same cost customers are paying overseas. We are being screwed by energy companies aided and abetted by LNP Govt. Finally we need a revised royalty regime so Australians get something for the exploitation of our resources by non tax paying multi nationals

Stop payment if they don't preferably

I think that is a disgusting idea. Government should listen to what the people want, not pander to corporations. They're sitting there in Canberra, going to their priviliged homes during the weekend, getting a VERY good salary AND pension, and they want to force us, the people, to accept the fracking of our land? Disgusting!

it's a dishonest cloaked attempt by Turnbull, Frydenberg and Morrison to pit state against state, along with the issue of poker machine revenue.

Criminally wrong. It's incomprehensible that a country which produces such an enormous amount of gas for export, can't retain enough for their own needs. Insane!!!


No surprises here, with this government committing blackmail to get their way.

I've been buying Australian gas in Asia for half the price I pay for it here in Australia. We have been sold down the river and told to paddle

The federal governments lost the plot We have plenty off gas already tapped and because off contracts set up by our stupid state governments now we don't have enough needs a blockade at the gas export plant and stop the gas flowing give it back too those who own it is the taxpayers off this slowly but surely getting fucked up country

It is the sort of behaviour you would expect to find in a fascist country.


Better then fracking! But outrageous

That is blackmail!

Police state. This is a side effect of Malcolm allowing the industry to come up with a solution to the gas crisis. 'Sure we'll guarantee supply - if you let us frack the hell out of the country'.

I think that whoever thought up that idea should be shot and his clothes burnt !

Maybe we stop paying gst in nsw

They need to be cobcentrating on our water resources, plenty of areas have shortage of water. We have plenty of gas and Fraking destroys the land

Treason and blackmail.

The bit people miss is that we know renewables are the answer and cost-effective, but what are the grubs going to make money out of when our energy costs next to nothing, they are going to destroy prehistoric aquifer's and then sell us water.

That's what we want, we say no and they bugger off. Sounds good anyway.

Undemocratic. We, the people, had to work long and hard to get our state govts to listen to our insistence, with good reason and plenty of evidence of the damage it has caused elsewhere, that we wanted fracking eliminated, or at least curtailed. The federal govt is showing no respect for the democratic process or the very broad spectrum of the population which has expressed its views in no uncertain terms. Appalling and unconscionable.

Shouldn't it read states penalised for allowing fracking

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2 weeks ago

Gasfield Free Northern Rivers

A little movie about the real Australian gas crisis...

Sacrifice Zone
Thanks to everyone who's helped the movie so far! Today we're launching a series of micro videos to build buzz for 'Sacrifice Zone' in the weeks leading up to the feature release. 'Zones' feature memorable snippets and reactions to what's been happening in the news. First cab off the rank is 2005 NSW Farmer of the Year Scott McCalman. Share away!

Support the Sacrifice Zone movie at or
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Sacrifice Zone

2 weeks ago

Gasfield Free Byron Shire

Check out our rad poster for this weekend, thanks to Front Line Arts Collective for the design! Feel free to print it out or email it around. Lets get as many people as possible on Byron main beach this Saturday! ... See MoreSee Less

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Metgasco seismic testing at Casino Channel 7 report. 

(recorded from TV because not streamed online sorry)

Henderson likens seismic testing to ultrasound in a maternity ward.

How very warm and fuzzy of Mr Henderson. 

Pity the analogy doesn't hold up for the toxic water and gases that come out of a coal seam gas well!

Metgasco seismic testing at Casino Channel 7 repor...

Want to be inspired and uplifted? Watch this great video of the #BentleyBlockade singing the Bentley song this morning after the announcement that the Metgasco license had been suspended #lockthegate #csg

Want to be inspired and uplifted? Watch this great...

Rock Valley Alert - HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH? Throughout our country large and small mining companies are pushing our farmers to the brink and beyond. How angry are you about that?
 Take the #enoughisenough test.
 If your level of anger is:
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 2: + SHARE this post to really get it out there!
 3. + COMMENT below for more coverage!
 4: + DONATE or VOLUNTEER to help us defend our home!
 5. + EMAIL your Member for Parliament with a POLITE message asking them to do whatever it takes to stop gasfields! Thomas George: Chris Gulaptis:

Have you had enough yet?

You can add your name to our alert list and donate from this link:

You can volunteer at this link:

Enough is Enough!

Rock Valley Alert

HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH? Throughout our country large ...

Rock Valley V Metgasco meeting - INSPIRATIONAL WORDS - Hundreds of people turned up at the Rock Valley Hall meeting in opposition to Metgasco. This is a snippet of the action, with Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell addressing the large crowd. Check it out and please Share and Like!

Can you  donate for the defence of Rock Valley and the Northern Rivers? Add your name to the alert list and donate here:

Rock Valley V Metgasco meeting

INSPIRATIONAL WORDS - Hundreds of people turned up...

Take the money and run - SOME ADVICE FOR SHAREHOLDERS - The Northern RIvers community has some advice for the Metgasco shareholders regarding the Government buyout offer... - Please Share.

Take the money and run


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