Dances of Universal Peace

Dances of Universal Peace

Sacred circle dances connecting heart-to-heart and hand-to-hand as we sing and honour the different spiritual traditions honouring the One.

The Dances of Universal Peace put into our hearts and bodies the awe of living, the love of the universe, the experience of community, the delight at the breath we all share, the coming together of the cosmos, psyche and deep ecumenism that the human race yearns for today.
In the pressing need to redeem worship today, the Dances of Universal Peace play a pivotal role. Because they relate macrocosm with microcosm ( universe with psyche), they provide empowerment to heal and to celebrate, to pray in a curved and cosmological manner, to include body at the centre of worship once again—Matthew Fox, author of “Original Blessing and the Coming of the Cosmic Christ..



The Dances of Universal Peace are simple circle dances where we sing songs from the many different spiritual traditions, which can be both joyful and meditative, leading to inner and outer peace and a change of state in our beingness

They were formerly known as Sufi Dances, but are now an international movement dedicated to Peace through the Arts . See
We do the dances locally and internationally and I am a mentor for this practice , and a member of the Mentor Teachers Guild.
To find a Dance Circle in your state see

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Peace is Power said Murshid Sam

Al Jazeera English
These Palestinian and Israeli women demand only one thing: Peace.
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6 days ago

Al Jazeera English

Imagine a peaceful world!

Shareable World
John Lennon's beautiful thoughts!
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1 week ago

Shareable World

A beautifully composed piece by Carl St Jacques who was inspired by the elements teachings and Pir Zia's explanations. He has a recital coming up of all the elements very soon at Mosman 23rd September

Carl the Violist
Hey Peeps! Here is a selection from my new composition. I'll be sharing the entire suite LIVE at the Art of Relaxation Workshop. Please feel free to share if you resonate. Cheers!!!
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4 weeks ago

Carl the Violist

What a gathering this was in honour of Murshid Sam!August 2017. For many friends unable to make the pilgrimage to Murshid SAM's celebration high in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. "eat dance and pray together." An historical moment, the ceremony of the blessing of the Dargah of Murshid Samuel Lewis. A place of pilgrimage for spiritual seekers, located in the spiritual community of Lama Foundation. Friends gathered from around the world: South America, South Carolina, the Northeast, the Northwest, Europe, Hawaii, Canada. Blessings and ceremonies of integration into the community, our Teachers, stories from students of Murshid SAM, stories from the talented artisans and craftsmen who designed and built the Dargah, placing our feet and prayers and Dances of Universal Peace and zikrs on the stone floor and into the very wood itself. My heart is full. Hu. Rahmana ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

What a gathering this was in honour of Murshid Sam!

We recently joined the Brisbane dancers for the Aramaic Beatitude cycle and as you can see it was a feast in many ways ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

We recently joined the Brisbane dancers for the Aramaic Beatitude cycle and as you can see it was a feast in many ways

Adelaide dancers and Tasmanian Dance retreat ...Toward the One! Shining the light in all directions ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Dancing in Adelaide with Anahata from USA and centre Dance leader and mentor Amrita, ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

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Used to do this in NZ :)))

Written by our secretary Amrita:
"I have realised that 2017 marks 25yrs of our Dances of Universal Peace
network in Australia. ( there were dance circles before this date but
the actual network developed from 1992)

I have read the first Dance journal from 1992 which was printed and
compiled by the Canberra Dances of Universal Peace group

" Welcome to our first Australian Journal of the Dances of Universal
Peace. A networking meeting was held during Amida's week of Training,
resulting in a unanimous agreement to form an Australian Network of
the Dances of Universal Peace' ( 1992)

So if my maths is correct this make it 25yrs.......

So let us celebrate the seeds and harvests of this beautiful path
toward peace....
perhaps in our circles around Australia we can celebrate this journey
with our communities.......

may we enjoy each other, celebrate the journey....

We have many 'Elder keepers of Wisdom 'in our community who have
journeyed from the beginnings of the dances and I would like to
acknowledge you and encourage everyone to listen to each others

In deep gratitude to the linage of teachers and Murshid SAM.

'In my lifetime peace in every heart
in my lifetime , peace peace on earth'
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3 months ago

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Dear Friends, Maybe we could make this the theme of our next home grown retreat? Love Arjuna.

A beautiful and insightful interview with Pir ShabdaFrom the October 2008 Sufi Conference held on Asilomar Conference grounds. Recorded Friday, Oct. 17th, 2008 More information available here: www.sufic... ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

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We attended. And helped to lead a wonderful long weekend of Dances at Roche's Beach Tassie . Saturday we had a healing service for the earth followed by the creation of a humandala where we became the channels for healing ! We had yoga, yummy food great musicianship and uplifting Joyous community ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

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The power of happy and the power of love. Blessings

Celebrating my return from Aotearoa NZSaturday night the 3rd of June , the dances will be led by Karen and myself - we'll be leading dances on the theme of indigenous ancestors, with several Maori inspired dances - at 6.30pm, 119 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, by donation.
See our website for more info:...
Dances of Universal Peace | Australia
About the Dances Toward the One,The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty Music, movement, song and prayer are the universal forms of human expression bringing communities together at times…
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5 months ago

Celebrating my return from Aotearoa NZ

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