Avishai Barnatan

Vibration is at the core of all life. The miraculous phenomenon of sound and music has played a key role in our human experience throughout the ages.

I am fascinated by how music can inspire us, give us strength and courage and dispel the illusion of being separate from nature and one another. Sound has the power to alleviate physical pain, shift emotional and psychological states and re-align us with our natural frequency, bringing about healing, harmony and connection.

My work and service is to help you ‘tune in’ and support you on your journey. Whether facilitating a sound healing session, composing, recording, producing or performing on stage.

I currently live in the lush Byron Bay hinterland where I also record and produce the work of other artists – helping them bring their music to life! I perform with my band Hamsa at private events around Australia.

Music helps me share what I cannot express with words. During my travels my love affair with music grew and I spent endless nights playing and singing my heart out, eventually performing and touring internationally. This taught me that music is a universal language that can bridge cultural divides and bring people together in harmony, unity and open hearts.

Inspired by ancient and mystic wisdom, as well as contemporary scientific research regarding the power of sound and its therapeutical effects, I began to understand that we are ultimately vibrational beings by nature and are constantly affected by our environment.

In 1990, I started exploring different aspects of sound and its uses for physical & emotional transformation and healing. I now facilitate group and individual sound healing sessions – applying different techniques of voice work and vibrational therapy to help inspire, alleviate pain, stress and anxiety and give people support on their healing journey. Through the years I have worked with people with cancer, various addictions, anxiety and stress related conditions.

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Soundshower tomorrow at Essence of living Gold Coast

love to see you there...Are you ready to relax, unwind & recharge? Join the amazing Avishi for his famous 'Sound Shower' healing session that will leave you feeling blissfully in-tune with your own unique personal vibration.

Come and be bathed Sunday 23rd July 12-2pm in pure sounds that will take you on a deeply transformational journey. This is a wonderful and unique musical experience!
Lie down and be nurtured by the ancient healing tones of tibetan bowls, chimes, soulful flutes and vocal harmonics.
Release tension & anxiety, gain focus & clarity, rejuvenate and deepen your sense of wellbeing.

Only $35 for this beautiful experience.
To book call 07 5526 6600, pop into the studio or click here bit.ly/2kLPrzN

📸of @avishaibarnatan

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1 month ago

Soundshower tomorrow at Essence of living Gold Coast 

love to see you there...

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Interesting, I've been to a vibrational kinesiologist but would like to try this as well - love the vibrations.

Missed this 🙁 I did one of these sessions in Sydney and loved it. When is next one avail in Gold Coast?

Getting ready for Melbourne, tonight Temple of Song singing circle in St.Kilda. Then from tomorrow starting sound healing events for the next12 days. If you want to join, details are in the fb event page: Sound healing Tour Melbourne and Victoria
Sharing here some of the interesting bits from a conversation I had with Dr. Bruce Lipton about sound healing.
looking forward to being immersed in healing sound for the next 2 weeks..love my job
youtu.be/O7MmSfo5b9UA conversation with Biologist, Speaker and Author Dr. Bruce Lipton about his experience of the Soundshower and his understanding of vibrational healing . Tal...
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2 months ago

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Susan O'Connor

Thanks Maree I will listen in the morning 💗🙏

great group workshop at Launceston....Soundhealing workshop with Avishai Barnatan Music
An incredible personal development experience for all involved including musicians, practitioners, individuals & yoga teachers 💚🎶🙏
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3 months ago

great group workshop at Launceston....

Just Back from a wonderful weekend of sound healing sessions, first time in Tasmania.....A fortunate number of us had the opportunity to be taken on a journey of vibrational healing with the profoundly motivational musician, Avishai Barnatan Music

He'll be joining us again tomorrow afternoon for a sound healing workshop. If you'd like take part in this wonderful experience please see the link below 👇

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3 months ago

Just Back from a wonderful weekend of sound healing sessions, first time in Tasmania.....

and also this.. the effect of gratitude, or intention on water...
How would that affect the water in our body?

Uplift Connect
This Experiment in Gratitude shows us the power of Intention.
Here's what can happen when we #BlessTheWater!

Join us March 19 for a Global Meditation to heal the World's Waters: blessthewater.com
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4 months ago

Uplift Connect

Here's a little video about some of the effects of music ...enjoy

youtu.be/oYGT3OTCaa0created by openupyourmind101 - How The Human Body & Mind Processes Music and the Effects of Listening to Music. The power of music
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7 months ago

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Hey Avishai, you are a Master Minstrel of Energy, Frequency & Vibration! Love & miss you All !!! 💖💖💖💖💖

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